A Beraca agora faz parte da Clariant, uma empresa global de especialidades químicas com foco no cliente, sustentável e inovadora, com sede na Suíça. Saiba mais sobre a Clariant e nossa linha de ativos e ingredientes naturais para o mercado de cosméticos:

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Code of Ethics

We Reflect Ourselves
Clariant Code Of Ethics


Clariant’s Code of Ethics “Reflect Ourselves” is laying down our commitments and is intended to be a guide with ethical principles and examples to enable our personnel and associated parties to act with highest standards of integrity.

The Code is developed around eight guiding principles addressing topics of relevance to Clariant, its employees, stakeholders, and the communities we operate in. 

We recognize that ethics and integrity is not always black and white. In case of uncertainty we encourage our employees and associated parties to pause and reflect on whether their course of action is right and in the best interest of Clariant. This Code of Ethics is designed to serve as a compass for our employees and to help them in the decision-making process. We have developed the “Yes”-Check, a simple tool with easy questions to help you gain confidence on your course of action. It does not give you all the answers about what you should do, however it will help you to better understand and apply Clariant’s ethical principles and values.

” Companies have an ethical duty to care for their people, for society and for our planet.

Conrad Keijzer, CEO of Clariant

Training and guidance

To familiarize our employees with the Code of Ethics, we have a comprehensive training curriculum to foster awareness, understanding and to create clarity on expectations. We encourage a mindset of curiosity and an open culture, where asking questions and giving feedback is valued.

Sharing concerns or observed malpractice

We understand that reporting actual or suspected malpractices takes courage and we truly value if you speak up. We encourage you to reach out to a person of trust at Clariant or to the Clariant Integrity Line, where you can ask questions or make an anonymous report. We also appreciate our external partners’ cooperation by reporting any actual or alleged violation of Clariant’s commitments stated in our Code of Ethics and other related documents.

Rest assured that Clariant does not tolerate any form of retaliation against those who in good faith and rightfully speak up, and we have embedded this commitment in our Code of Ethics.


Integrity ‘Yes’-Check

We recognize that ethics and integrity are complex topics. In case of uncertainty, we encourage our employees and associated parties to pause and reflect on whether their course of action is right and in the best interest of Clariant. To do so, we have compiled Clariant’s Integrity Yes-Check in our Code of Ethics, which is easy to use and gives you an immediate impression if your action seems right.

Sustainability Policy

Clariant’s Sustainability Policy reflects the company’s commitment to ethical and sustainable operations. It encompasses a comprehensive range of environment and safety requirements and management initiatives that extend beyond our sites to our supply chain partnerships and due diligence activities. It includes environmental topics like energy, water, emissions and waste, among others.