Fruto do processo milenar de transformação das rochas, as argilas e os minerais encontrados na biodiversidade brasileira oferecem amplos benefícios para a pele e os cabelos. Sabendo disso, a Beraca criou a linha BeraMinerals, formada por produtos de alto potencial para a indústria de cosméticos.
Beraca’s line of Beraclays offers a unique variety of colors and distinct cosmetic benefits obtained through sustainable production. It is composed of a wide range of natural color shades containing no artificial dyes or pigments. The colors are variations of minerals and microminerals offered by nature.

• Reduces skin oiliness without dehydrating the skin, improving maintenance of skin’s moisture balance
• Detox effect
• Light & heat stable colors
• Improves emulsion rheology and sensory feel
• No added dyes and non-irritating
• For Life Certified – environmentally responsible
• Suitable for COSMOS/Ecocert final products validation

• Particle Sizes Available:
15 - 50 µm: Indicated for masks, color cosmetics, bar soaps, exfoliating products, low-poo shampoos, anti-pollution products, firming body creams, pro-aging products, color conditioners, dry shampoos, deodorants, sun care product, BB creams, among others.
5.5 µm: Indicated for mineral make-up and aerosolized products, offering a talc-like feel.